Birth Doula


Prenatal Visits

Prenatal appointments are included in your birth service and usually include two visits either at your home or favorite coffee shop. These visits are the time where I get to know you and learn the vision for your birth.  Learning your vision and anticipated needs allows me to support you in the best way possible. These are also times for us to practice labor positions and comfort techniques. I will answer your questions during those visits and be available to you via text and phone throughout your pregnancy.

Labor & Birth

During the birth, I provide support in a variety of ways, depending on what we've discussed and what is needed in the moment. Sometimes this is hands-on with physical support, it may be answering questions, and sometimes it is just holding a comforting space in the room so you know I am there. It can mean supporting you as you advocate for your birth preferences and help ground you if plans change. Once baby arrives, I am honored to help with early feeding, taking family photos, getting food for mama, or whatever else may be needed during the golden hour after birth.

Postpartum Visit

Shortly after baby comes home, I dedicate our postpartum visit to talking through the birth, allowing you a safe space and emotional support to process your beautiful accomplishment.
If you decide that you would like more support during the special time after your baby is born, I offer postpartum doula services and am honored to continue on your birth journey with you. Often we are so concerned about the birth that we forget about the time of transition that comes after but this time is just as important to have the support you need.

Postpartum Doula

Physical & Emotional

The emotional and physical transformation that takes place after birth is a significant one. It is essential that the mother has consistent, knowledgeable and non-judgmental support during those early weeks. Whether it is talking through the birth, listening to concerns and questions, referring to a trusted professional or providing much needed nourishment, evidence shows that having a trained support person is essential for every postpartum mom.

Household Help

These special early days are a time for recovery and getting to know your new baby. So often mothers are rushed to get back to their daily household obligations which hinders their time to recover and adds stress to this blossoming relationship. A postpartum doula will assist with meal preparation, light housekeeping, entertaining siblings, or freeing up mom for a shower or nap. Your doula will provide the space for you to get more rest overall by alleviating the worries of the daily to-do list.

Baby care & Feeding Support

Feeding, sleeping, diapering, baby wearing all bring questions and I am there to help and support you through these new experiences. Whether by breast or bottle, feeding babies can be a challenge. For mothers choosing to breastfeed, having educated support is a vital part of a successful breastfeeding relationship. I have both experience and training in this area and can also refer out to a lactation specialist as needed. This experienced support helps significantly with new mother's ability and confidence.


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