Postpartum Doula

Fourth Trimester Support

Dating back centuries is an idea that in the weeks following birth, a parent should be given the opportunity to heal, rest and bond with their baby. But in our fast-paced society, where we’re celebrated for 'bouncing back', we tend to overlook the deep impact overexertion after childbirth can have.
The first 6 weeks after the birth of your baby is a time of amazing and intense transition. This presents an opportunity for you to lay the groundwork for your future health, giving you energy to nurture your baby during their fourth trimester and beyond, and to become the parent you always thought you'd be. 
Wearing the hats of postpartum Doula, close friend, caretaker, confidante and coach, I use my experience and expertise to create a nurturing environment for parents to feel empowered and confident in the messy throes of parenthood.
I aim to ensure that my visits honour the rhythms of your home and do not disrupt you and your baby.


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