My Journey

Strength in Support

Hi, I am so glad you are here. I am Jessie and I would be honored to go on your birth journey with you. Whether that is during labor and birth,  postpartum, or both, I am very passionate about this experience being the very best it can be for you. Having a doula of my own to guide me really sparked my inner doula fire. She empowered me through my first birth when everything was new and a bit scary. She then supported me a second time knowing that each pregnancy and birth are very different. I knew I had someone with experience who was absolutely sure about my ability to birth and be a mother and it made all the difference. It is an experience I believe every woman should have and I am dedicated to holding that space during both birth and the amazing transitional time after birth that we call the fourth trimester.

I am a wife, mom of 2 amazing boys that I homeschool, natural health enthusiast and teacher, and birth nerd. I love to empower women and cherish being the person who can remind them they are not alone, they are powerful and can do this. I would love to meet you and see if we are a good fit. Please contact me with any questions or to set up a consult.


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